The Reid Family is a legacy in motion.

Perri “Pebbles” Reid and her platinum record success at the age of 19, and manager of the biggest female group of all time, TLC, CEO of Pebbitone Inc and W.O.G.C.L.

LA Reid as CEO of Laface Records, Arista Records, Def Jam, Epic Records and X FACTOR.

Aaron Reid is artist AARON ALEXANDER and AnR for Sony Music Group

Antonio Reid Jr is a cartoon developer, tv show personality, artist manager, former creative director for Hitco Music Publishing, and former AnR for Epic Records

Ashley Reid is CEO of Ashley Reid Photo, President of Plat4m Studios, represented fine gallery artist, creative director, producer, film director, music video director, and overall art monster.

As a family, The Reid’s have embraced every aspect of pop culture to an impressionable degree. ¬†What’s really cool, is there is way more to come.